7 Behaviors for Improving Mental Health

One thing this pandemic taught most people is to take care of their health. Most people have started eating the right kind of food, exercising, and following immunity-building habits. But what most people miss is that mental health is also very crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Experts suggest that for improving mental health in Fort Lauderdale, lifestyle changes are a must as they help people manage anxiety and depression. 7 behaviors for improving mental health are:
  1. Sleep: almost 10-18% of people in the US experience chronic sleep issues, and of those who suffer from anxiety or depression, nearly 65% have sleep issues. Addressing sleep issues can help in alleviating the symptoms of mental health conditions. Lack of good sleep has a significant impact on your memory, critical thinking, and emotions. It is crucial to establish the sleep schedule and stick to it. Keep the screens out of the room if possible and go to the room only when sleepy. Also, the room should be comfortable and mess-free.

  2. Positive thoughts: when you are feeling low, staying positive seems to be a gigantic task. But the study shows that positive thoughts uplift the mood. One thing that works for most is telling yourself every morning that it will be a great day today. Please pay attention to good things in your life and appreciate them.

  3. Eat healthy: Eating healthy has a positive impact on your physical health and mental health. There are so many neurotransmitters and neurons in our guts that it is often referred to as the second gut. 95% of the serotonin produced is in the gut by neurotransmitters. It is best to consume fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and food rich in omega fatty acids for better health. Being mindful of what you eat can result in a massive improvement in your mood.

  4. Exercise: Workout not only makes you look good. A study suggests that exercise improves mental health as it helps in reducing negative moods, depression, and anxiety. A high-intensity cardio exercise can release powerful endorphins that boost mood. Whereas low-intensity exercise can result in the production of neurotrophic proteins, which improves the brain’s functioning and alleviates depression.

  5. Pick a hobby: Empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so it is crucial to keep the mind occupied. If you have a hobby, indulge in it and if not, look for one. It is human nature to stop doing things that make us happy when we are sad. But for the sake of mental well-being, it is crucial to pick a hobby like gardening, sewing, stamp collection, or anything that helps you focus on the positives.

  6. Mindfulness: It refers to the technique to focus on how you feel in the moment and pay attention to the physical sensations and emotional reactions. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that mindfulness encourages us to let go of negative emotions. Please pay attention to things like sounds, smells, and other small items that are part of your day-to-day routine, as it helps in changing your perspective on how you experience challenges.

  7. Social connections: having meaningful social relationships is an excellent way of improving mental health. Suppressed feelings lead to depression, so speak to your friends and family about your feelings and struggles. Talking to them might give you a new perspective on your situation.

These are not the only 7 behaviors that can help in improving mental health. The experts of improving mental health in Fort Lauderdale at Total Mental Wellness suggest other things like maintaining a journal of your thoughts, taking a break from social media, staying hydrated, and being kind to yourself.