Acupuncture for Mental And Emotional Health

Our mind is the key organ that determines most of our actions. Poor mental and emotional health can affect your family life, work, social relationships, and personal well-being. Hence it necessary to take good care of your mental health. We at Total Mental Wellness ensure the most effective acupuncture treatment in Fort Lauder-dale to conserve and nurture your mental and emotional health.


What is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture is part of age-old Chinese treatments that naturally help relieve stress and pain in people. The process includes the insertion of needles in specific areas of the body and in specific depth. The aim of conducting acupuncture is to balance a person’s energy and boosting their well-being.


How does Acupuncture Help Mental and Emotional Health?


Poor mental health can lead to unwanted emotional outbursts, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other serious issues. By opting for acupuncture, you ensure a good state of mind by conducting completely natural treatment. It boosts endorphins, which are hormones secreted by the brain which create positive and happy emotions in one’s mind.

Mental health issues usually ensue mood and energy imbalance which is cured using acupuncture. The method balances your yin and yang (opposite forces) to create a clear state of mind and increase your endorphins. We conduct a detailed

analysis of your body to provide acupuncture that best suits you.


Our Clients


Most people opting to choose our services are middle-aged women who aim to better their well-being. We provide services to people from all groups and backgrounds. Our most common customers come from high-end backgrounds who are looking to improve their selves and develop a positive personality. Another commonly sought treatment is acupuncture that helps anti-aging.


Why Choose Total Mental Wellness?


Acupuncture is an age-old therapy that needs to be performed by practised professionals to ensure maximum effectiveness. Being one of the best acupuncture specialists in Fort Lauderdale, our experts at Total Mental Wellness provide treatment that is personalised to suit your needs. This helps you gain maximum results. Some of the benefits of choosing us are:


• We provide solo psychiatric practice that balances medications and provides life-coaching to high-end clients.

• Aside from acupuncture, we provide numerous services like vitamin therapy, Botox, hormone therapy, and psychotherapy.

• We have expert doctors who can treat you personally to ensure detailed guidance.

• We treat all kinds of mental and emotional issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks and also offer relief from stress and fatigue.


Not taking care of your mental well-being can have dire effects on your personal and social life. Investing in acupuncture ensures that you get complete treatment without in-taking antibiotics. Get acupuncture treatments to improve your health so as to increase your productivity. Hurry up and contact us to get the best acupuncture treatment in Fort Lauderdale.