Advantages and Potential Uses of Telehealth Services in Fort Lauderdale

While telehealth services are not new in Fort Lauderdale, the adoption of telephonic healthcare services among patients has been comparatively slow before the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, we found an increased interest in telehealth services in Fort Lauderdale among both healthcare professionals and patients.

Many medical experts offer telehealth services and guidance through this service and telehealth can also enhance patients’ health outcomes. In short, the COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated the obstacles to access telehealth services and promoted its use as a way to deliver chronic, acute, specialty, and primary care.


Telehealth Services in Fort Lauderdale

Benefits and Possible Uses of Telehealth Services

Telehealth services can promote public health cure tactics during the pandemic by increasing social distancing. These services can be a more secure choice for medical professionals and patients by lowering possible infectious exposures. They can lower the pressure on healthcare systems by reducing the rush of patient demand on facilities and lower the use of PPE by medical providers.

Keeping up with the constant care to the extent possible can abstain from extra bad consequences from delayed chronic, preventative, or regular care. Remote access to medical services may grow participation for people who are socially or medically exposed or who don’t have instant access to healthcare providers. Moreover, remote access can help preserve the relationship between the patients and healthcare providers every time when the in-person visits are not convenient.

Telehealth services can be utilized for:

· Offering low-risk immediate care for non-COVID-19 conditions, recognize those people who may require extra medical analysis or consultation and refer as relevant.

· Screening patients who may have COVID-19 symptoms and refer as relevant.

· Offering assistance and coaching for patients handling severe health conditions, incorporating nutrition counseling and weight management.

· Accessing primary care specialists and providers, incorporating behavioral and mental health, for medical management and chronic health conditions.

· Monitoring clinical symptoms of specific medical conditions.

· Participating in occupational therapy, physical treatment, and other modalities as a hybrid method to in-person care for ultimate health.

· Involving in case handling for patients who have issues in accessing care.

· Delivering advanced counseling and care planning to caregivers and patients for documenting choices in case a health crisis or life-threatening situation arrives.

· Following up with patients after hospitalizing them.

· Offering education and training for healthcare professionals through expert medical consultations (inpatient or outpatient).

· Offering non-emergency care to residents in a long-term medical facility.

Takeaway Thoughts

In Fort Lauderdale, La Noce Psychiatry has designed telehealth services in a way to fulfill the requirements of people who reside in and around Fort Lauderdale. We have a team of expert and trained medical professionals who engage with caregivers, patients, and clinicians to make sure the services are made to identify all health challenges. During this pandemic, we try our best to offer the best healthcare experience through our telehealth services that are available round-the-clock. We are just a call away if you are looking for the best telehealth services in Fort Lauderdale.