Anxiety Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

It is entirely natural to feel worried about a situation where you are not sure about the outcome. Giving a presentation for the first time or addressing a broad audience are typical examples where people often feel nervous. The feeling of worry pass away with time, but it is different from anxiety. It is a powerful version of fear that starts to affect your physical and mental health. It also begins to affect your ability to manage everyday life. Anxiety stops you from doing things that you need to and prevents you from having a full life.


If you are suffering from anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health issues and can be treated easily with proper and evidence-based treatment. Our team of experts will help you reach your goals and will work closely with you to tailor the treatment as per your specific needs. To customize the treatment, the team starts with a comprehensive evaluation to understand the effect of anxiety disorder.


With us, you can live a fuller and a meaningful life without being paralyzed by excessive emotional anxiety, distress, and fear. Treatment often includes medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both depending on the severity of the situation. Medication can be long and short-term treatment option as there are many side effects associated with the anxiety treatment. The psychotherapy aims to help change beliefs and behaviors that result in negative emotions and help in improving the quality of life. It includes:


1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): It is useful in treating people with anxiety disorder, and there are two aspects of this therapy, the cognitive part helps in altering the response of the person to view a situation, and the behavioral part helps in changing how the person reacts to a given situation. The therapy teaches the person to recognize the thoughts, objects, situations, and images that results in anxious obsession and help you figure out the ways to avoid the compulsive rituals associated with the obsession. It is a short-term therapy and involves 10-20 visits with a therapist. CBT treatment for anxiety may include:

• Physical relaxation technique

• Evaluation of problematic ways of thinking

• Gradual exposure to the feared stimuli

• Mindful techniques


2. The psychotherapy involves meeting with the health professional and identifying the problem and working through it. The experts use a combination of strategies to manage anxiety. Some of them are building the relationship between the therapist and you, discussing how the conditions affect your personal and professional life and changing your behavior to improve the mental well being.


If you are unable to control your worries, contact us before anxiety affects you academically, professionally, and socially, and it creates chaos in your family. We assure that you will get the best possible anxiety treatment as our approach is structured and focused on helping the patient learn techniques that will allow them to adapt better to the life challenging situations quickly.