Consultation of Women’s Issues in Fort Lauderdale: Treating Women’s Mental Disorders

Women worldwide play different roles that modern society offers them. They take many challenges to empower themselves and play a similarly essential role culturally, politically, economically, socially, and individually for sure. Women’s mental health is related to the status they enjoy in society. In Fort Lauderdale, though several reforms have been created and made law, much should be done; sexual assault and violence of women, gender discrimination at family and social level and in employment, etc. are some instances that increase the requirement of consultation of women’s issues in Fort Lauderdale.


Women’s Mental Health Issues That Need Consultation


Marriage, childbirth, and professional commitments put stress on women’s health. Adjustment is needed at many phases of life; thereby these issues can work as stressors causing poor mental health. Also, these issues can significantly expand the pre-existing mental health disorders in women.

Treating Women’s Mental Disorders

Sexuality is a complex concept and incorporates the person as a whole. It has spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and biological aspects. The biological aspects incorporate the reproductive functionalities while the emotional ones incorporate human relationships, intimacy, desires, and feelings. Socio-cultural factors and social norms interact with other aspects to create an individual’s sexuality. And sexual orientation is a crucial element of an individual’s sexuality. It’s a dynamic entity all over life. Thereby, it’s a misconception to ponder sexual activity as relevant just for the young.


The issues encountered by the female gender-related to their psychological features have caused more incidents of anxiety disorders, depression, and suicides in Fort Lauderdale in women, when in comparison with men. Psychosomatic symptoms are more seen in women. Dowry-related stressors, domestic violence, especially spousal violence, and family assistance play a critical role in women’s lives.


Reproductive health also has a considerable effect on women’s mental wellbeing and may present as perimenopausal, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, post-abortion, psychiatric issues, and postpartum psychiatric disorders. Schizophrenia has an almost similar incidence in both men and women; nevertheless, its course and results are better in women. Schizophrenia hits women in their reproductive years causing a considerable effect on the entire family.


Bipolar disorder also has a similar incidence in both genders; nevertheless, women encounter more depressive episodes than men. Fast cycling and mixed episodes are seen more in women. On the other hand, substance use disorders have been continuously maximizing in women.


Treating Women’s Mental Issues in Fort Lauderdale


Effective treatments are required when women’s mental wellbeing is at risk, particularly for women who are exposed during different stages of life. Offenses like sexual harassment, acid attack; marital rape, stalking, and gender discrimination at the workplace are also reported in Fort Lauderdale, which should be treated as early as possible.


Treating mental disorders with the help of consultation of women’s issues in Fort Lauderdale is challenging if we ponder non-pharmacological treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Pharmacological Treatments. Women respond to lower psychiatric medicines’ dosage and need various approaches, because of the distinctions in clinical presentation. Medications should be selected cautiously for psychiatric issues in women especially during old age, pregnancy, and lactation.