Hospitality Training Programs in Queensland

Hospitality is one of the industries that suffered the most due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as the pandemic is getting under control and more countries are opening up their borders, the hospitality industry is expected to witness massive demand that has been pent-up due to Covid restrictions. This is also the time many players in the industry are utilizing for undertaking hospitality training programs for their employees. The top players know that ongoing staff training is significant in the hospitality industry in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will discuss the importance of hospitality training programs and the best hospitality training programs in Queensland.


There are several benefits of investing in training for the hospitality business. These include the following.




The ROI (Return On Investment) from the training of employees makes it worthwhile for any organization to invest in it. Training actually boosts revenue generation in numerous ways. For instance, employees who’ve undergone training can upsell the services, resulting in a higher ROI for training.


One way of measuring the ROI is by reviewing the stick words used by reservation agents during an inquiry phone call. Proper use of stick works throughout the conversation is shown to increase the chances of booking significantly.


Problem Solving Skills


Every hospitality industry veteran can vouch for the importance of problem-solving skills for the job. Things can often go wrong due to the fast-paced nature of the service-oriented industry. The right training program can inculcate problem-solving skills in employees, leading to higher customer satisfaction and consequently, customer retention. For instance, when there is a mix-up in the reservation of a guest, a quick and friendly resolution by a staff member leaves a good impression in the guest’s mind. Otherwise, the guest will not have a satisfactory experience and spread the word. Additionally, they might never return to the property.


Employee Satisfaction and Turnover


The turnover rate in the hospitality industry is high, and successful organizations know how to reduce it. Starbucks, one of the best companies to work for, revealed that partners (the term they use for employees) who availed their training and development opportunities were twice as likely to stick with the company. The best organizations provide offer high amounts of training for full-time employees. As a result, they enjoy significantly lesser staff turnover than other organizations. Several studies have shown that training courses make employees more likely to stay. Moreover, these programs lead to increased employee satisfaction, driving them to work more efficiently in their job.




The most obvious benefit of training programs is better staff performance. Clients appreciate a well trained staff as they provide a high standard of service quality. Not only do they complete the assigned task but they put in a little extra in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Moreover, the training programs can be used for developing talent for higher-level positions. This can retain consistency within the brand while grooming the best talent for the future.


A large number of studies have proven the benefits of employee training programs in the hospitality industry. We, at Profitable Employee, offer innovative training solutions along with measures to track performance. To know more about hospitality training programs in Queensland, contact us.