How to Get Therapy When Money and Time Are Tight

You may need a little mental health therapy once in a while. But what will you do if you cannot afford to visit a mental health professional and bear the medical expenditure? The good news is you have a lot of choices. This blog discusses some alternative ways to get mental health treatment when your time is bad and you cannot afford it. Let’s read on!


1. Search for No-Cost or Low-Cost Options


If you are financially weak but need to talk to a licensed therapist, look into some no-cost or low-cost options in your locality. A few therapists do a sliding scale where you pay as per your affordability. However, some others provide free services like group therapy or individual counseling to some needy patients.


2. Carry out Mindfulness


Mindfulness is quite popular these days. This type of meditation helps deal with symptoms associated with mental health problems like depression, anxiety, etc. Through practicing meditation, you can be aware, notice and observe feelings and thoughts. You may need time to get good at identifying; however, once you do, you can reduce all negative thoughts from your mind.


3. Use Mental Health Applications

Tight Money and Time Therapy

Mental health applications are highly effective in making mental healthcare more affordable, convenient, and easily accessible. You can find several mental health apps (both free and paid) in Google Play Store. Look into those apps and get the precise treatment.


4. Find Support Groups


In case you have no problem talking to some strangers, a no-cost or low-cost support group might be the best option to go for. Sometimes, support groups and group therapy bring individuals together with a common issue like OCD, eating disorders, or anxiety. Basically, mental health experts run such groups. However, sometimes, a group member can be the leader as well. You should call ahead and get to know about the group moderator.


5. Go for Tele-Therapy


You have a lot of options to connect to a therapist online. Some organizations like us offer professional therapy online and you get such treatments at home in the most convenient way. These Tele-therapy services are offered through video conference calls, online chats, or texts. Browse online to get a plethora of options to research. Also, ask the local therapists to know whether they offer remote treatment or not.


6. Search for Local Universities


In case you don’t find a doctor of your choice or need an assessment by a mental health expert, search for local universities that offer graduate programs in clinical psychology or social work. Sometimes, graduat


e students also offer treatments if they are properly supervised.


What’s more?


If you know a primary care physician, you can visit him/her first. The physician may refer you to a local center for mental health therapy


py. Moreover, he may suggest medications to help you get rid of your mental issues. Doctors often recommend psychologists who see patients at a nominal fee. In case you face any mental health problems, feel free to contact La Noce Psychiatry for further help.