The Aetna logo features the company's name in lowercase purple letters, with a stylized heart shape forming the "a" in "aetna." The trademark symbol (™) is placed at the upper right corner of the logo. Emphasizing total mental wellness, the background is white, reflecting clarity and balance.
The image shows the Humana logo, featuring the word "Humana" in a bold, green, modern font against a white background, symbolizing their commitment to Total Mental Wellness.
The image displays the Cigna logo featuring a human figure with raised arms, stylized as the trunk of a tree, with green leaves forming the tree's canopy above. The word "Cigna" is written in blue to the right of the design, symbolizing its commitment to Total Mental Wellness.
The image features the United Healthcare logo, which consists of a blue shield-like symbol with four curved lines on the left and the text "United Healthcare" in blue on the right, emphasizing their commitment to Total Mental Wellness.
Logo of AvMed, featuring the black text "AvMed" with a stylized yellow semi-circle arc above the letter "V" and another below the letters "Med," creating a circular frame-like design that conveys Total Mental Wellness.
Florida Blue logo featuring the text 'Florida Blue' in blue cursive font, followed by the blue cross and shield symbols with embedded icons of a human figure and a staff with a snake wrapped around it, emphasizing Total Mental Wellness.
The logo depicts the BlueCross BlueShield emblem, featuring a blue cross with a stylized human figure on the left and a blue shield with a white staff entwined with a snake on the right. The text "BlueCross BlueShield" and "Total Mental Wellness" is written in black calligraphy on the right side.
Illustrated image of a smiling doctor with a stethoscope around their neck, wearing a white coat and blue shirt with a blue tie, standing against a blue background. The word "Oscar" is written in white bold letters next to the doctor, promoting Total Mental Wellness.