Issues That Require Women Social Impact Consulting


According to studies, women usually encounter more mental distress than men. To be honest, many women in this world, either literate or illiterate, are suffering from social issues, which lead them to different mental disorders. To reduce the social impact on women, they can go for a consultation from a mental health expert. Here is a cheat sheet to clarify what we mean when we talk about something as broad as women’s social issues:


1. Path to Education


Reports by UNESCO show that many girls of primary school age are not in school and they never finish their primary school education. They are forced to stop their education and get married earlier, raise kids, stay home, etc. This creates annoyance among many women, for which they might need consultation.


2. Employment Scopes


Women in many countries still encounter major inequality in their workplace. They in fact earn less than men. So, this gender gap is wider globally: women earn just 1/10th of the income of the world despite working 2/3rds of the entire work hours. Empowering them for earning their precise share could benefit their whole communities in a big manner.


3. Gender-Based Violence


As per the World Health Organization, 1 out of 3 women encounter sexual or physical violence in their lifetimes. Whether it is sex trafficking, rape, or domestic abuse, gender-based violence prevents many women from the scope for living fulfilling, healthy, and happy lives.


4. Gender Equality


The lack of equality is a major social issue when it comes to women, whether it is not equal access to education for girls in some nations or unequal salaries for women in their workspace. In this world where 95% of nations are ruled by a male representative, it is evident that women still need to go a long way to get some fair shares.


5. Child Marriage


Girls who get married before becoming 18 years old are basically hindered by society from getting an education, at risk of complexities associated with premature childbirth, and more susceptible to the violence of their intimate partners.


6. Maternal Health


According to the estimation of the World Health Organization, almost 800 women die daily from pregnancy-related and preventable issues. That is around 300000 lives every year lost needlessly during what is basically a life-making event. What more can we say?


7. Female Genital Mutilation


Female Genital Mutilation is a process that intentionally changes or causes harm to women’s genital organs for non-medical purposes. It is a critical problem with cultural and religious implications for people who go for it. This critical process imposes health consequences, promotes inequality between the sexes, and violates the rights of a child.


Final Words


The seven women’s social issues discussed above are particular to women, addressing which will certainly impact everybody – even some men of the globe also. Stay connected with La Noce Psychiatry as we check out several ways to consult women in the world to lower their emotional and mental distress.