Join Our Safe and Secure Virtual Telehealth Platform in Fort Lauderdale

La Noce Psychiatry is pleased to provide telehealth services online in Fort Lauderdale through safe and secure telephone and video conferencing. Although a digital service cannot totally replace the conventional face-to-face treatment sessions, we require being capable of caring for our psychological health while leaving our house is tough, restrict or we can say impossible during this pandemic. Hence, we welcome you to join our safe and secure virtual telehealth platform in Fort Lauderdale.

What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is a feasible way of participating in treatment through an online, virtual platform like La Noce Psychiatry. Regardless of what you name it, online psychotherapy is an efficient way to get the best quality counseling experience our La Noce Psychiatry clients are used to getting.


Why Use a Virtual Telehealth Platform


Online telehealth therapy has several perks like flexibility and accessibility.

1. It gives more access to services, which is helpful for:

·    People who have mobility or physical disabilities.

·    Individuals who stay in rural areas or far away from where access to psychological health services is restricted.

·    Facilitating access to specialists.

·    Facilitating the capacity of finding a counselor who offers treatment in your suitable language.

·    Health or safety-related concerns.

·    People who have limited access to frequent transportation.

2. It offers flexibility for both the client and the therapist.

·    Therapists may choose to offer treatment during non-conventional hours.

·    It helps focus on your psychological health if you have a busy schedule or lifestyle.


How Does Teletherapy Work?


Joining an online telehealth platform in Fort Lauderdale is very easy. Our experts use an easy-to-use platform that does not need to download any software. To join our secure platform, you just need to:

·    Inform us that you want telehealth services.

·    Give all details about your psychological disorders.

·    Schedule an appointment with our expert.

·    Join a video conferencing call at the time of the appointment.

That’s it!


The Usefulness of a Telehealth Platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Many people are maintaining social distancing for reducing the spread of Coronavirus. Although we are doing this to save our community, we should not stop thinking about our mental health. So, keep in mind to take care of your mental health during this difficult time.

Telehealth is the most effective and feasible way to start a mental health treatment while staying home. Other valid reasons why virtual counseling is an amazing option during this pandemic include:

·    It’s an amazing alternative for helping experts or anybody else who may have in contact with Coronavirus and have to self-quarantine.

·    In case you or your therapists are feeling unwell, you don’t need to cancel the therapy session.

·    Even if you do not have childcare, you can still keep the appointments while staying home without looking for accommodations.




Our hearts truly become heavy for the families that are badly affected by the COVID-19. We understand the necessity of mental health. This is why we want you to join our virtual telehealth platform in Fort Lauderdale.