Let A Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist In Fort Lauderdale Help You Manage Your Anxiety!

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Anxiety is a normal feeling but for some people, it can be a life-taking risk. Some anxiety disorders can be chronic, have biological origins, and get worse over time, similar to medical states. A board-certified adult psychiatrist in Fort Lauderdale helps explain anxiety and offers helpful tips to assist you in dealing with your anxiety.


What Is Known As Generalized Anxiety?


Generalized anxiety is a disorder that is characterized by having apprehension or worrisome thoughts that are excessive, or feeling restless. Symptoms incorporate feeling exhausted, difficulty concentration, or inability of falling asleep due to being incapable of calming the thoughts. A few people encounter issues with eating, either overeating emotionally or not feeling hungry at all.


What Is Known As Social Anxiety?


Social anxiety has quite similar symptoms, but these symptoms are found in people who judge you. Some situations make people feel judged or anxious. If these situations are left untreated, these can cause issues in work and relationships as people abstain from more situations.


Tips from a Board-Certified Adult Psychiatrist to Manage Anxiety


1. Exercise and Healthy Eating – Both are essential as anxiety leads to the stress hormones. Cortisol and adrenaline to be discharged which begins your flight, freeze or fight response causing shallow breathing and increased heart rate. This can be read as anxiety by your mind. Exercise helps metabolize these hormones and eat healthy carbs, veggies, fruits, protein for stabilizing your mood and blood sugar.


2. Sleep – According to studies, the inadequacy of sleep increases anxiety. Sleep is required for consolidating memory and repairing the brain. Sleep is healthful for the brain and helps you feel sharp and capable of focusing properly which helps you manage stress or anxiety.


3. Plan ahead – Schedule enough time for doing activities and leave ample time in between so you don’t feel anxious and rushed.


4. Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness is regarding living in the moment which slows down your mind. A productive way of doing this is by relating to your senses like eating a tiny piece of chocolate and letting it melt in your mouth while observing the way it tastes and feels. Moreover, you can observe how your body is responding and your surroundings.


What Are General Causes For Anxiety?


Researching on twins and family members shows the biological or genetic origin of anxiety disorders. Key triggers are relationship, work, or financial stress that can go on for a little time and with the individual struggling to reduce the stress.


When Do You Need To Visit An Adult Psychiatrist In Fort Lauderdale?


When it becomes intolerable and interferes with your capacity to work in daily life, you are recommended to stay in touch with a board-certified adult psychiatrist in Fort Lauderdale. In case you continue to struggle with anxiety after a lot of sessions with a psychologist, you are recommended to see an adult psychiatrist for medication management. Medication can help reduce anxiety which helps you efficiently utilize the skills that a psychologist is carrying with you.