Mental Health Myths That Should Be Dispelled

Many mental health myths have existed for thousands of years. In the early days, supernatural forces were considered to be the cause of mental health issues. Throughout history, many myths have been about mental health that perpetuated a stigma and created barriers. The stories of people abandoning their own family mentally ill members because of shame are not uncommon.

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Many misconceptions about mental illness should be dispelled as they harm the ones experiencing the issues. Some of the common myths often heard by the experts of mental health treatment in Fort Lauderdale are:

  • Mental health conditions are uncommon: But the fact is that mental illness is more prevalent than many people think. Many people experience a mental illness that substantially interferes with or limits major life activities. Mental illness can affect anyone, including all races, income levels, and religions. These common conditions are medical and can cause changes in how people feel and think.

  • Children don’t experience mental health issues: Children as young as six years show signs of a mental illness, and most don’t receive any treatment. It is difficult to understand mental health disorders in children as normal childhood is a process of change, and the symptoms vary from child to child.

  • People fake mental illness for attention: No one would fake mental illness for attention. The causes of mental illness are real, and also, the symptoms aren’t always visible to others. It indeed is challenging to understand what people with mental illness are going through. But it doesn’t mean that they are faking it.

  • Just take medicine and forget therapy: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating mental health issues. Though medicine might work if taken in combination with therapy, the results can be long-lasting.

  • Mentally ill people can’t work: It is a myth that people with mental health conditions can’t handle professional life stress and can’t work. But the fact is that people with such conditions are just as productive and punctual as other workers if they are given a fair chance. In most cases, such people lead an everyday life if they follow a routine and take therapy sessions regularly.

  • You are not depressed, just sad: Depression is not something someone can make go away or shake it off. It is a medical condition that affects the functioning of the body. However, some treatments and medications help in addressing these symptoms. Many factors contribute to mental illness, such as biological factors, traumatic experience, and genetics.

  • People with mental illness are violent: Most people with mental illness are not violent; instead, the opposite is true. Research shows that one in four people having mental illness experiences some violence in a year.


Mental health myths have negatively impacted society, and there are ways we should educate ourselves to offer complete support to the people going through it. The experts at Total Mental Wellness of mental health treatment in Fort Lauderdale suggest connecting with people experiencing mental health issues and encouraging open communication about mental health. And above all, showing some compassion.