Reaping Top 6 Benefits of an Intensive Mental Health Outpatient Program

Benefits of an Intensive Mental Health Outpatient Program | Total Mental Wellness

In case you depend on alcohol, opiates or any other substance and want to get rid of them, you need to commit to an intensive mental health outpatient program. There are huge advantages to this program and is convenient for people who are addicted to such substances.


Here are the top 6 advantages of an intensive mental health outpatient program:


1. Get assistance from your family and friends

Loneliness is one of the biggest threats to reducing addiction. In an intensive mental health outpatient program, you will encounter a community by meeting new people with similar struggles. However, if you don’t need this service and already have a powerful network of friends and relatives, who want you to become sober, an intensive outpatient program might be the best option.


2. Maintain the capacity to assist your family

An intensive mental health outpatient program offers you the flexibility of handling your household activities while undergoing the recovery phase. Many patients have young kids that need constant care and supervision. Other patients possibly have a spouse who works and can’t schedule or pay for a full-time caretaker. Outpatient programs provide flexibility and freedom when required.


3. Less costly than inpatient recovery

You need to pay less money for an intensive mental health outpatient program. This is why people usually select outpatient programs instead of inpatient one. Many people find these programs more convenient and affordable than an inpatient one.


4. Maintain your privacy

Shame and embarrassment are a big hindrance to addiction recovery. Numerous people struggle with accepting the truth that they have an issue. Embarrassing moments can hinder promising patients from entering the recovery phase. The professional mental health counselors of Total Mental Wellness are committed to your privacy and work with authenticity. Your recovery community can also help you gather confidence and make you feel safe while undergoing recovery.


5. Keep your presence at work or school

Some people are unable to uproot lives and suspend work or school for weeks to undergo recovery. An intensive mental health outpatient program offers flexibility to deal with your school or work schedule. When you possibly require taking some time off amid the deepest withdrawal periods, you will possibly be capable of continuing with your duties. Moreover, school or work can offer a healthy and required outlet amid the deep recovery work.


6. Make community with others in recovery

Having a powerful community of peers in recovery is one of the keys to maintaining sobriety. You will get a family that completely understands your condition. An intensive outpatient program helps you make this community from scratch and ensures your long-term sobriety.



In case you or your loved one requires all-encompassing care for addressing behavioral health issues, mental health concerns, or substance dependency issues, don’t hesitate to contact Total Mental Wellness. Compassionate and knowledgeable members will help you choose the right program to fulfill your needs. By getting treatment at Total Mental Wellness, lasting and healing recovery can be within your reach.