Top 5 Positive Effects of ISRT Therapy


Many individuals struggle with bipolar disorder and cannot establish a routine for themselves. Due to this mental illness, they suffer from manias and depressive episodes also. This is why many therapists have started to embrace the Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy. This particular type of psychotherapy mainly helps people identify and maintain the daily routines of their life – incorporating sleep patterns – and fixing interpersonal problems and issues that may affect their routines. In this blog, you will get to find some benefits and positive effects of ISRT therapy discussed in brief. Let’s read on!


Major Benefits or Positive Effects of ISRT Therapy


1. Helps clients grow a consistent and healthy daily routine


One of the major goals of ISRT therapy is to help therapy clients grow a stable and healthy daily routine. Sometimes this is hard for people who don’t have any psychiatric disorder, so it can present a challenge for somebody who is dealing with the challenges of bipolar disorder. According to some experts, and irregular sleep schedule and the insufficiency of a routine can worsen or trigger bipolar symptoms.


2. Deals with stress


People having lots of stress and anxiety in their daily life often suffer from mental disorders. Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy deal with this stress and get rid of this disorder as well.


3. Improves sleep disorder


Since your sleep habits and circadian rhythm are inseparably intertwined, there is no doubt that poor sleep can trigger depressive and manic episodes in some people with bipolar disorder. For this reason, getting regular sleep is a highly important part of Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy.


4. Enhances the capacity of communicating better and more efficiently


People with mental disorders or behavioral issues are unable to communicate a better way. Application of ISRT therapy helps improve the ability to communicate better and more effectively. Moreover, this therapy helps face behavioral challenges and get rid of them also.


5. Makes connections between mood and life events


The interpersonal feature of ISRT stresses the connection between how the mood of a person impacts his/her life. It’s regarding how a person connects with others in the world. For example, the therapist might ask you regarding current or important times the bipolar disorder has impacted your love life, friendships, work relationships and so forth. This helps a person with bipolar disorder examine how his condition impacts his encounters so he is more committed to living with it healthily. Moreover, the therapist may ask you questions for recognizing how your daily routine impacts your symptoms daily because committing to a lifestyle routine is an important part of this therapy.


Finding an ISRT therapy specialist in Fort Lauderdale


ISRT therapy has the potential to deal with your disorder in the most efficient way possible. In case you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and need to work with a mental health professional that is trained and experienced in using this type of therapy in Fort Lauderdale, you may contact Total Mental Wellness right away.