Useful tips for embracing the diversity within us

Useful tips for embracing the diversity within us

Everyone possesses numerous identities and it doesn’t matter whether they have mental issues or not. Several traits of their identity highly improve who they are. Moreover, these aspects give them different sources of strength to help them deal with mental illness’ challenges. To promote mental health for your identities, you need to let yourself be empowered by them. Specifically, our identities can boost our sense of belonging as they can help in embracing the diversity within us and allow attachment and membership with many communities. In short, this can be helpful to mental well being.


Your Identities Can Boost Your Mental Well being:


If you live your life to spread love, happiness and kindness and consider it as an important part of your identity, your acts of kindness will surely make you delighted and satisfied. It is often known as the helper’s high and displays the good effects of helping others.


Your religious practices and beliefs also offer effective dealing tactics like meditation in the type of prayer. There are several promising mental health advantages of spirituality and religion. These incorporate getting a framework to realise the meaning of life and addition in a faith community. You can celebrate all of your traditions, cultures, and ethnicity because these are the sources of both mental shield and strength.


If you can ponder having a mental health problem as one of your identities, your recovery journey will be easier. It will bring out your resilience, power, and courage. It will make you more compassionate and empathetic.


Your Identity Is Beyond a Piece:


We can’t individualise the necessity of a sense of belonging from our mental and physical well being. Inadequacy of a sense of belonging can cause anxiety, depression, and suicide. As per a study, people having schizophrenia issue discovered that a sense of belonging was important, but they felt alone more frequently. Even the smallest social belonging interruptions can result in long-lasting positive impacts.


Sadly, stigma stops numerous people from seeing themselves completely to identify their sources of strength and belonging from different identities. In several cases, when an individual grows a mental issue, his/her destroyed self-stigma and self-worth leads them to recognise as an individual having a mental health problem.


Sometimes families reinforce this belief by concentrating on the mental issues of an individual as their main purpose of involvement. Society strengthens the idea also with diminishing stereotypes. Moreover, stigma makes it impossible to understand the primary, most crucial identities we grow through our communications with others – to contribute, to belong, and to be accepted. Hence, an individual having mental issues may be considered to hold a socially devalued role that can make it very tough to recover.


This narrow-minded view neglects many sources of value and strength of an individual. It neglects social roles that offer an individual purpose and meaning.


Your Identity Is Your Strength:


Your mental illness is a crucial part of yours. You should love yourself and embracing the diversity within us is highly important as you deserve it. Although your differences can make you different, your similarities will certainly bring you together.