Wellness in the Workplace

It’s very easy for working professionals to

become overwhelmed by the rigor of their personal and professional lives. Keeping with deadlines at work and matters in their personal lives can be very stressful. Even something as simple as staying focused can be difficult. You’re constantly bombarded with all the information and distractions present in a work environment, and you may even feel the pressure to get things done at the expense of you own health. This can lead to health and happiness falling by the wayside, and losing sight of your bigger goals.


Mindfulness practices can be implemented to help you combat some of the stress of daily life. Mindfulness is simply the practice of being aware and fully present in a given moment while acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. This can allow you to stop fixating on negative thoughts and emotions that may be affecting your performance, personally or professionally, and allow for self-acceptance.

Limiting your distractions isn’t always easy; maybe you’re worried about an important meeting or presentation you have coming up, or maybe you have something in your personal life that’s taking all your attention. A simple mindfulness exercise like meditation can help you regain your focus if you find that your mind tends to wander a lot. It’s important to take note of what is distracting you when you mind does wander and try to refocus your attention. Even short moments of meditation throughout your day can help improve your productivity and overall mood!


Mental health is just as important as physical health. However, mental health is often shrouded in stigma which can make many people hesitant to seek help for any mental health concern they may have. While this is changing a bit with many major corporations offering mental health and mindfulness initiatives for their employees, it still isn’t always easily accessible or convenient for many people who work full time. This is yet another reason why a few moments of meditation throughout your day can be so beneficial to combat everyday stress. However, if you find that your stress is persistent and feel that you may need the help of a mental health professional, a concierge outpatient psychiatrist service at www.lanocepsychiatry.com may be the right option for you. These appointments can be shorter that the traditional one-hour appointment and can easily be added to fit into your busy schedule. Access to a trusted mental health care provider is essential on your wellness journey.


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