What Are The Best Vitamins To Cure Depression?

Best Vitamins To Cure Depression | Total Mental Wellness

A diet inadequate in key vitamins might be the reason behind your bad moods. Here are some of the best vitamins to cure depression or deal with symptoms of stress, anxiety, or other mood disorders:


Vitamin D


How much Vitamin D your skin produces relies on some things. A few factors incorporate your skin pigmentation, the season, where you stay and the time of day. Relying on your lifestyle and where you stay, Vitamin D creation might decrease or be missing completely during the winter season, which, in turn, makes you Vitamin D deficient. Several receptors for Vitamin D in the brain signify that it plays a pivotal role in cognitive function. This is why you are recommended a dose of daily sun exposure for at least 20 minutes. Otherwise, you can consume 2000 IU of Vitamin D supplements daily.


Vitamin B6


Also recognized as Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in mental and physical body functionalities. It is particularly essential for nerve functions. Also, it may help boost some neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression. B6 is super involved in estrogens’ metabolism; hence, deficiency can be associated with hormonal imbalance depression and PMS. Moreover, the birth control pills decrease Vitamin B6; thereby supplementation is advisable for those consuming the pill also. If you are on the pill, you may need more than 25mg daily.


Vitamin B3


Also known as Niacin, Vitamin B3 is engaged in the creation of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps brain cells and other nervous system cells in communicating. Very little Serotonin could play an important role in depression. However, consuming Vitamin B3 may maintain its levels. An inadequacy in B3 can hinder Serotonin levels and affect mood. A daily dose of 20mg is recommended for people with depressive symptoms. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from severe depression, consult your doctor regarding a higher dose. Vitamin B3 is a natural energy booster that might change your life.


Vitamin B12


This has been recognized for improving mood and energy and eliminating depression. Consuming a good amount of Vitamin B12 can help maintain good levels. It’s particularly useful in case you are a vegetarian. B12 is highest in cottage cheese, feta cheese, eggs, lamb, mackerel, sardines, and beef liver.


Vitamin C


A significant reduction in depression and anxiety occurs when adequate levels of Vitamin C are taken, either by supplements or diet. High Vitamin C may be related to the enhanced mood in young adult males. Nevertheless, Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Thereby, the body does not preserve this vitamin. So don’t forget to take it daily to make sure regular healthy levels. Doing this may improve your mood and result in several health advantages. She suggests a minimum of 100mg daily and not over 2000mg every day. Anything over that may lead to diarrhea.


Bottom Lines


In case you want to use the best vitamins to cure depression, consult your psychiatrist or doctor first. Vitamins for depression must not be used as a replacement for medical therapy, but they can be utilized in combination with professional therapy.